Phoenix Fe(a)st.


Yum. So many yummy food stalls at the Phoenix Fest at Nixon Park on Saturday. The sun was out and so were all the Kingsland ‘locals’ with their Monteiths beer in hand. The entertainment was great, both on (Opensouls and Ladi6) and off stage!

The festival is back after 6 years and let me tell you, I will not make the same mistakes next year as I did this year. That’s the beauty of mistakes I guess… growth and all that.

Five commandments of attending the Phoenix Fest
As a result of mistakes made by our group, collectively (so as to not ‘point fingers’).

1. Thou shalt not ‘preload’ with food before attending. Don’t let those bakeries and dairies tempt you on your way. The $5 deli sandwiches at the event were amaaaazing.

2. Thou shalt not expect free/cheap Phoenix drinks at the event ($5!!!! Drinks bottles are a must/having a friend with a full drink bottle is a must…).

3. Thou shall be ready to see a lot of cute kids who look similar to the 2013 Australian Big Brother contestants. This allows for game play based on finding the whole ‘set’. Just not loitering around children’s playgrounds. (So many Tims and Jades!).

4. Thou shall be informed as to the band playing and not get their hopes up for one with a  similar sounding name.

5. Thou shalt not walk home barefooted on the cycleway in the late afternoon heat, unless one wants blisters all over one’s feet. And not be able to walk comfortably/properly for a considerable amount of time after. And has a friend/friends willing to take up this post.

Spoiler: If one does walk on the cycleway, one must trample multiple times on the disgusting graffiti work of some dick (see below)


Now we have this on record there are no excuses next year, right guys?

Also, who wants to invest in some paint to go over that ^!?


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