Our View

‘Our View’ (an exhibition of editorial illustration from Fairfax Media, in partnership with Auckland Council Libraries) is currently on display on level two at the Central City Library (Lorne St) and, turns out, doubles up as some great shelter from Mother Nature.

I had to hold back a few giggles while I read the blurbs and cartoons, and weaved my way through student Facebook users/studying-procrastinators. Needless to say, I felt quite at home.

There weren’t heaaaaaps on display but from the high calibre that was there, here are some of my favourite picks of the day.

Bob Darroch – definitely how I feel some mornings!
The Little Things – they sell some neat/hilarious products on their website also. I must remember this when it comes to the annual purchase of the following years calendar.
The Little Things
The Little Things
Peter Bromhead – Not only a cartoonist, but a very well respected interior designer.
Allan Hawkey who currently works for the Waikato Times
The ubiquitous Al Nisbet

If you’re around the CBD this month, head on down to check out the artwork. It will be on display until April 30.

As I say, there aren’t that many pieces so you can definitely do it in a lunch/tea break. Confession: I actually didn’t even know there was a library there (fail!) so it was informative in more ways than one.

It’s interesting to see people’s take on issues that have occurred in recent times. I didn’t see any overly controversial stuff, which was probably intentional, but there were some that were highly entertaining.

Go check it out.



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