Al Fresco All Fresco Art Tour

2014-05-03 13.40.49

Let me just start by saying that I love free tours and I’ve also decided that I love the K Road Business Association for all the incredibly amazing events they have a hand in/spearhead.

Now that that’s out of the way I can tell you about the free art tour myself and two friends participated in, along with 20 or so others, on Saturday 3 May.

All Fresco is a K Road Art Festival where artists from around the country (or even world) come together over a weekend (/extended weekend) to pay tribute to one of Aotearoa’s infamous strips. It celebrates the lived history of the area, the introduction of new ideas and themes and is forward thinking in the interactive nature it has with it’s physical surroundings, transcending generations , cultures and perspectives. And it’s fun and exciting to look at, which is always nice.

Our tour was led by Jonny a.k.a. “Jonny4Higher” who provided lots of great insight to the the backgrounds of the artists, their inspirations, techniques, motivators etc. We ventured not just on K Road but also on the surrounding roads (Upper Queen Street, Cross Street, Mercury Lane, Great North Road, Maidstone Street, Crummer Road, Ponsonby Road, Howe Street, Beresford Square and Poynton Terrace) and saw works from all of these cool cats and more!

We viewed pieces that were part of previous All Fresco’s and also saw the artists at work creating their 2014 pieces. We were able to ask them questions and pass on comments about our initial impressions which was a really neat aspect  of the tour.

Here are a few snaps of a sample of the artworks we saw on Saturday and their progress come Tuesday 6 May. (I may or may not have taken some time off work this morning to wander back past a few…)

2014-05-03 13.16.11
Benjamin Work on Cross Street
2014-05-03 13.16.37
Mica Still on Cross Street
2014-05-03 14.25.41
WERT159 on Beresford Square
2014-05-03 14.31.15
Dagar on Beresford Square
2014-05-03 14.37.41
Owen Dippie on Pitt Street
2014-05-03 14.47.56
Charles & Janine Williams on Poynton Terrace
2014-05-03 14.54.19
Misery and Tomtom on Poynton Terrace
2014-05-03 15.00.21
BMD in Myer’s Park
2014-05-06 10.03.32
Tuesday on Pitt Street
2014-05-06 10.02.35
Tuesday at Beresford Square
2014-05-06 09.59.39
Tuesday on Poynton Terrace
2014-05-06 09.58.28
Tuesday on Poynton Terrace
2014-05-06 09.54.51
Tuesday in Myer’s Park (mind the tree..)

I would encourage people to go check out the new paint/spraypaint/markers that are on various businesses exteriors. There are some pretty neat stories behind them also so feel free to hit the artists up about them.

Benjamin Work’s piece celebrates Tongan (represent!) culture and their early relationship with the K Road area, the Williams duo have a saddleback singing a song of hope and aroha, which is aptly positioned by the New Zealand Fire Service, Dagar’s “Big Bots Are Pops” is a helpful hint to those people that attempt to screw the tops off crate bottles. All interesting stories to be discovered.

Can’t wait ’til All Fresco 2015!



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