2015 All Fresco

Owen Dippie’s Hine turned pedestrian’s, cyclist’s and motorist’s heads as it was being spraypainted on an apartment block by the cycle way on Upper Queen Street last week. This rejigged my memory of the annual All Fresco Walking Tour. My friend and I locked it in and off we went at 3pm on Saturday, meeting at the start point of the YES Collective, Level 1, 358 K Road. This space allowed everyone to have a look at ‘mini’ versions of the artist’s work before setting off to see their pieces in an Auckland city setting.

This year’s lineup included Erin Forsyth, Component, Trustme, Gasp, Tanja Jade, Cinzah, Xoe Hall, Owen Dippie, Jeremy Shirley, Haunt Ones, Jon Drypnz, Berst and Askew One. The ten new additions are based around Karangahape Road in central Auckland. You can visit all completed works now, but here some of the artists in action over the weekend. Watch out for this event again in 2016, thanks to the K Road Business Association.

Jon Drypnz on Day Street
Jeremy Shirley
Haunt One on Poynton Terrace
Berst on the left, Owen Dippie on the right
Owen Dippie on Upper Queen Street
Askew One talking about his work in progress
Xoe Hall on East Street
Cinzah talking about his piece on Ponsonby Road

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